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Mail and Contacts in Outlook 2010

Description: This trainer-led session is for those who wish to learn to use Outlook 2010 and who have previously used other email applications.  Training will be based on using Live@UCL.  If you already use an earlier version of Outlook, some of this may be revision but the course also covers changes to the Outlook interface and navigation and new and revised features such as Categories, Quick Steps and Automatic Replies.


It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with Office 2010 before attending this course, either by attending a Moving to Office 2010 session or using our self-paced resources.  A general knowledge of working in a Windows environment, file management, and using a mouse would be helpful.


  • The Outlook 2010 interface
  • Customising Outlook
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Creating signatures
  • Creating contacts and contact groups
  • Understanding address books
  • Categories
  • Managing and organising messages
  • Searching
  • Quick Steps (perform a number of pre-set actions with a single click)

Delivery:  This is a two-hour trainer-led session