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Clearing your Inbox

Description: This lunchtime presentation aims to help you tame your inbox and cope better with email overload.  It outlines some simple methods to process messages, and suggests techniques and shortcuts to help you clear your Inbox and keep it that way. It will also suggests ways you and your colleagues can minimise your own contribution to the deluge of emails received every day.  Techniques will be demonstrated in Outlook 2010 but the principles are applicable to most email clients.




  • create a personalised strategy for clearing your email inbox and keeping it clear
  • convert selected email messages into tasks and calendar appointments
  • create a system for filing and categorising messages
  • learn how to use Rules and Quick Steps to quickly move emails
  • learn how to find messages quickly
  • learn to reply and copy in appropriate more selectively
  • consider more effective email wording

Delivery:  This is a ninety-minute trainer-led session


There is lots of useful information about using Outlook 2010 on live@UCL on the live@UCL web pages.  We also have a manual for Outlook 2010. Specific pages of interest are linked to below: