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Managing your Calendar in Outlook 2010

Description: This trainer-led session is for those who wish to learn to use Outlook 2010 and who have previously used other calendar software such as Oracle Calendar.  Training will be based on using Live@UCL.  This course is not ideally suited to people migrating from earlier versions of Outlook who are very familiar with all Outlook functionality, for whom we recommend the Moving to Office 2010 demonstrations and workshops.  However, if you feel you have gaps in your knowledge or would like to refresh your skills you are welcome to attend.


It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with Office 2010 before attending this course, either by attending a Moving to Office 2010 session or using our self-paced resources.  If you have never used Outlook 2010 before you might find it helpful to do the Using Mail and Contacts in Outlook 2010 course first.


  • Views and navigation
  • Creating Appointments, Meetings and All Day Events
  • Scheduling and tracking responses
  • Responding to meeting requests
  • Updating and cancelling meetings
  • Working with multiple calendars

Delivery:  This is a two-hour trainer-led session