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Creating queries in Access 2010


Queries help you see your data in different ways, compare data from different tables and can even update fields.

There are many different types of Access queries. This course focuses on select queries and includes some grouping and aggregation.

Note that this course can be completed by people using Access 2007.  There are some differences between the two versions but most features are the same.


You should have attended, or be familiar with the concepts covered in, the Using databases in Access course and the Designing and Developing Databases in Access course.


  • creating select queries in design view
  • retrieving data using criteria
  • parameters in queries
  • queries on linked (related) tables
  • grouping and aggregating records

Delivery:  Self-paced

Trainer led sessions are no longer available for Access 2010, see Access 2013.
The resources listed below can be used for self-paced learning.