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Essential computer skills

We have a range of courses and resources to help you to develop the core skills that you need to use a computer more safely and effectively. 

IT security and legal issues
  • Get safe online (external website - not affiliated with UCL) - government sponsored initiative
IT theory
Using a computer and managing files

Note that our file management resources are for Windows-based PCs.

Effective use of the web and web-based tools
Using a workstation safely and healthily
  • Keyboard skills - learn to touch type (external website - not affiliated with UCL)
  • Workstation Ergonomics - use a computer in a safer, healthier way (external website - not affiliated with UCL)

Treepad is a utility for organising notes in a hierarchical structure.  MindGenius is a mind-mapping tool for brain-storming, planning, taking notes etc.

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