How can I set a new password?

Change main UCL password
Change ADS password (CSS divisions only)

When you change your password you will be prompted for your existing password first and then your new password twice. None of these passwords will be reflected on the screen for security purposes. If your existing password doesn't match, or the new password isn't typed in exactly the way same both times, an error will be generated. You will also be told if your password is in the dictionary and you will have to choose a different one.

Please note that in some cases, when the system is busy, you may get a cannot change password error after completing the command. In practice the password is usually changed despite the message. Check it after a couple of hours and reissue the command if it still hasn't been changed. You are able to continue to login using your old password until the change takes place.

Please note that passwords on different machines won't all be updated at exactly the same time.

Please note that upper and lower case letters are distinct, so you must remember how you specify your password when requesting a change, so that you can repeat it exactly when you use it to login. 

How to change your main UCL password

You should change your is password on-line using this web form

Please note: The password change can take up to 2 hours to update

ADS users