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How to register your UCL ID card

Please note: When you first use a print@UCL Multi-Function Device (MFD), you MUST register with your UCL ID card - you will not need to register again at another device.

First time users on the print@UCL service are required to register their UCL ID cards before using any Xerox device. This process will associate the owner of the ID card with their UCL login account and is a one-time step that will only need repeating if your ID card is replaced.

Before going to Step 1, please ensure that you have your UCL user ID and UCL password ready.

(You can also use this procedure when you forget your card. Or, if you haven't registered a card on the system. Select the ALTERNATE LOGIN icon on the front panel, start at Step 3.)

Step 1. At the MFD, swipe the card reader using your UCL ID card.


Step 2. You will now be prompted to enter your UCL user ID (or UCL username) in the format of: 'cceaxxx' or similar, then press "Done".

Step 3. Enter your UCL Password and press “Done”.


Note: As on your PC, your UCL user ID and password credentials are case sensitive. If you need to enter a symbol in your password, press the Shift key and this will display alternative characters and well as uppercase letters. If your symbol does not appear press and hold the closest symbol, which will display other variations.

Step 4. Please wait while the system confirms your login details.. This may take up to several minutes.

Step 5. You have now successfully logged in and are presented with the machine user functions. Your ID card is now authenticated and associated with your UCL account and the next time you wish to use any device swipe your card on the reader.