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Printing Tips

Colour Printing

All printing is defaulted to mono (black and white).  Please visit the change print settings page for instructions on how to change your print output to colour.

Scaling and Printing Specific Pages

Make sure you use print preview before sending your print job to the queue, the last page may have just have 1 or 2 lines of text on it but if you print it you will be charged for the full page. You can then try and adjust the margins of your document or the size of the font to try and fit all of the text onto as fewer sheets as possible.

If you do not want the whole document printed out use the options in the File > Print dialogue box to specify the pages that you want to print.

You can specify the pages you want printed by typing in the page numbers or choosing to only print a selection of text that you have highlighted.

Alternatively, you can try scaling the number of pages of your document you fit onto one sheet. For example you could fit 2 pages of A4 onto one page and then you would only have 5p deducted from your printer credit instead of 10p.

Try adjusting the margins of your page so that more text will fit on one page. You can do this under File > Page Setup under most applications.

Retaining your document on the printer for future use

To retain a document for future printing, at the device select the Document and then select Retain.  After this, you can send the document to print by selecting the document followed by Print or Print All.

For more advice on printing please contact the ISD Service Desk.