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How to setup Linux printing

These steps have been tested to work in Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat and Centos. You may need to enter your root password a number of times during this process.

1. Click System, Administration, Printing


2. In the window that opens up click Add or New in the toolbar


3. In the left hand pane click “Network Printer” and wait a moment whilst the configuration loads. Once fully loaded click “Windows Printer via SAMBA” and enter the following details, using “ad\username”. Once entered click Verify then click Forward.

a. SMB Printer:

b. Tick: Set authentication details now

c. Username: ad\ccaaxxx

d. Password: your normal UCL password (the same one you would use for email)


4. Download the x2WL75.ppd file from here and save to your home directory.

5. At the printer driver selection screen, choose “Provide PPD file” and select the x2WL75.ppd you downloaded in step 4. Click Forward.


6. Paper Tray Options - 5 Paper Trays Installed

    Finisher /Output Tray - Advanced Office Finisher

    Hole Punch Unit - Not Installed

    Job Storage - Disabled


7.  Change the Printer Name: print-UCL and Description: Xerox Printers