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Changing your print settings

All printing is defaulted to black and white (mono), double sided and A4. 

Any print jobs not printed will be automatically deleted after 24 hours

Customise your print job

You can customise your prints before sending them to print

You need to select Print (File - Print or Ctrl + P), and select Options or Preferences or Printer Properties (The application you are printing from will dictate the print options view). This will open the print properties page.From here you can select to print colour, 1-sided, staples, change the orientation, size and other features.


Single-sided printing

If you need to print single sided, select Properties - Printing Options and under the option '2-Sided Printing' select '1-sided print' from the drop down.

Change paper size

Paper settings can be found under Properties - Printing Options and under the option 'Paper'. For example, if you need to print A3, select 'A3' from the drop down.

Colour printing

If you need to print in colour from your desktop select Properties - Image Options and remove the tick from 'Xerox Black and White Conversion'.

A colour document image should be displayed. Make sure you collect your printing from a colour device


Saving your settings

Once you've made your changes, you can save these so they are available quickly next time.

All you need to do is click the down arrow underneath 'Saved Settings' and select 'Save As'. You will then be prompted to name your saved settings, once done click 'Ok' and the settings will be saved for quick access in the future.

Tip: Choose a name which helps easily identify what your saved settings are, for example: "A3-SingleSided-Colour"