Macintosh machines

ISD does not yet provide a service on Apple Macintosh computers, but can give a limited amount of support for people with their own Macs, including Mac versions of some software for download.

Windows desktop


UCL staff can use Staff WTS on their own Macs by installing the Mac version of the Citrix ICA client, available for both Mac OS X and Mac OS9 and earlier

or alternatively you can log in to WTS via your web browser


Desktop@UCL Anywhere allows students to access their desktops, apps and files from anywhere via a web browser

Wireless access via eduroam

Use eduroam to get free wireless access at UCL (OS X).

Fetch - file transfer utility

Fetch 5.3 for Mac OS X provides file transfer using both FTP and secure FTP. The client is available at no charge to educational institutions, and we have obtained a serial number on behalf of UCL. Download the software and get the serial number (UCL id and password required)

Virus checking software

The Mac virus checking program Sophos is available for download from the software database.

Configuring email to use Secure SMTP

To send email from your Mac using the UCL mail system, you must configure your mailer to use secure SMTP. See details of how to do this on several Mac mail programs.

Configuring Macs to work in Halls of Residence

To connect from Halls of Residence see follow instructions on our Halls pages.

Note that your Mac must be configured to use DHCP.

Discounts on Apple products

UCL staff and students are eligible for educational discounts on Apple hardware and software at the Apple Store for Higher Education. Just connect to - this must be done from a computer within the domain.

Getting help and advice

The ISD Service Desk can help with some of the Mac software we provide, but cannot help with general Macintosh problems and queries. However, there is an active Mac user community within UCL using the Macusergroup mailing list. You will usually find someone on that list who can answer your query. You have to join the list in order to be able to send messages to it, but it is open for anyone to join. Just go to and click on Macusergroup.