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Filestore Disk Quota Policy

Please note: This quota policy is currently being reviewed and will be updated in due course.

This policy sets out the way ISD allocate your disk space on Central ISD services and handles requests for disk space increases.

The general aim of the policy is to ensure efficient management of scarce resources as every byte of disk space costs real money to store, backup, support and maintain. This quota policy applies to disk space on the WTS, Myriad and Central Unix Filestore services.

1.    Quota Level
2.    Checking how much disk space you are currently using
3.    Requesting an increase
4.    Acceptable usage
5.    Further information

1. Quota level

The WTS and Myriad services give you access to a Central Windows Filestore (N: drive) and Central Email-Unix Filestore (T: drive) for data storage.

Initial quota allocation:

  • Staff and Postgraduates: 1 Gigabyte on each drive.
  • Undergraduates: 250 Megabytes on each drive.

2. Checking how much disk space you are currently using

You can check online to find out how much space you are using on the Central Filestore.

3. Requesting an increase

Both Filestores:

Increases of up to 1.5 Gig can be self requested via a web form.
You will be required to state the reasons for your request.

This needs to be authorised by your department. You need to print the relevant web form and get it signed by your department. If you have any queries regarding this, please email . 

  • Students - any increase requires departmental authorisation.

4. Acceptable usage

The computer regulations now permit reasonable personal use of IT facilities at UCL and this includes disk usage. However you should be aware that increases in disk quota will only be granted for UCL related purposes, not personal use (for more information see the FAQ pages).

Before requesting a disk quota increase you should go through your files and ensure that any non-essential or non-UCL files are deleted or archived to CD.

The ISD Service Desk offers advice on archiving.

Note: A backup of your personal or a non ISD-managed computer is not an acceptable use of the Central Filestore. Alternatively you should seek advice on backing up your data from your departmental computing representative. (Contact the ISD Service Desk to find out who your departmental computing representative is).

5. Further information

•    UCL Computing Regulations
•    UCL Information Security Policy
•    UCL Information Services Division Service Desk