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Instructions on how to run JDiskReport

You can run JDiskReport from WTS.

Please note: Myriad users should connect to WTS to run JDiskReport. The information provided below still applies whether you are a WTS or Myriad user.

How do I connect to WTS from Myriad?

1. To launch J-Disk go to Start > Programs > Utilities and select JdiskReport The first time you use the software, you will need to select the option Analyse a file tree.

Analyse a tree option

3. This will display a navigation pane. Click on the plus symbol (+) beside the entry relating to My Computer STSxx (E.g. My Computer STS43).

Choose a directory

4. This option will then expand and you will see a drive called Filestore (N:).

5. Click on Filestore (N:) to highlight it and click OK.

Select the N: drive

6. J-Disk will now run.

What else do I need to know?

  • After the initial run of J-Disk an option to analyse the N: drive (Analyse N:\) will be available as soon as the application is launched.
  • The J-Disk report will display a pie chart showing a breakdown of your overall N:Drive storage. Positioned just above the pie chart are various tabs. The most beneficial are the Top 100 and the Modified tabs.
  • The Top 100 tab will show you your largest files, along with their sizes. The Modified tab will present aged analysis for your files, highlighting the last time you modified a file. This can be extremely useful in identifying files that are no longer needed.