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Filestore FAQ
Where should I save my work?

You should save all your work on the N: drive (Windows filestore). Look under My Computer (icon on your desktop) to find this drive which is regularly backed up.

How can I access my N: drive?

Your N: drive is available via desktop@UCL. This service is available in the computer workrooms and from home.

How much space do I have?

250MB for undergraduates / 1GB for postgraduates.

Note: Mail is held on your T: drive (Email-Unix filestore) and is also subject to a 250Mb quota restriction. Live@ucl users have a 10Gb restriction. Mail for this service is not held on the T: drive.

Can I request a quota increase?

Yes. Higher limits can be granted however, a letter from a tutor/supervisor is required to authorise the request and sent to the Service Desk.

Can I access my files away from UCL?

Yes. You can access your files from a Desktop@UCL machine in a computer workroom or from home.