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Central Windows filestore

What is the N: drive?

All users have an area on the Central Windows filestore referred to as their N: drive. This is subject to quota restrictions.

Users who registered before September 2010: Central Filestore & drive R :

Users who registered to access ISD services before September 2010 may be accustomed to seeing and using their R: drive under Windows Explorer/My Computer.

If you are in this category, you will have Windows files from your previously used R: drive under your Central Windows Filestore under a subdirectory of your N: drive - N:\Rdrive\

You can also access these files as if they were on drive R: though this actually just links to your N:\Rdrive directory (it may be useful to think of this as a "virtual" drive R:). Thus you have two different ways of accessing the same files - if you delete a file it will disappear from both R: and N:\Rdrive!