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Who can use IMAGESTORE?

Anyone within the UCL domain has access to IMAGESTORE. The improved version is also accessible from outside the UCL domain. You will need an active UCL user ID and password to gain access in both cases. 

What am I allowed to do with the images?

As long as the use of the images is in connection with your work or have a direct connection to a UCL research project, academic news item or UCL related promotional activity, the we allow you to download files, resize and save them, use them in PowerPoint presentations or teaching materials, manipulate or combine them with other images. All the images are copyright of UCL, so you cannot sell them, use them for publication or personal gain without written permission, nor should you pass them on to another third party, especially anyone outside of UCL.

I want to use an image for publication – is that allowed?

By creating an ImageStore album or selection you can order images for publication. Follow the process and you will receive an email and you will be given permission to download the files direct to your computer. 

Why are all the images watermarked? Can I remove the watermark?

All the downloadable images will have a small ‘UCL’ watermark incorporated into the image for security reasons also the logo contributes to the corporate branding of UCL. Images should always be used with the watermark intact.

What does this cost my department or me?

Nothing. You are free to browse and use the images at no cost. However, to ensure that there is a consistent flow of new imagery this system will work best when everybody contributes to the image collection. So, if you want a specific set of images – maybe a new building, a new senior member of your staff, or some students working on a project, – then commission our photographers and agree to the resultant images being added to the library for all to use. Our philosophy is that if everyone contributes, then everyone gains.

I have an image collection of my own; can I use this system to store and access them privately?

Yes. Image Store is designed to handle large image collections and the built in security features are very sophisticated. It will certainly give you more facilities than an off-the-shelf image database. Contact us and we will only be too happy to discuss your requirements.

How do I make contact?

Simple: email us via UCL Imagestore