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Editing & Post Production




If the source or encoded material requires any form of post production such as...

Post Production - Video Editing
  • Editing
  • The acquisition of additional materials
  • Integration with other media types

then, this additional work will require separate costing on a project by project basis. Post production costs are charged at a basic hourly rate, as follows:

Job Type Equipment & Personnel Internal Cost External Cost
Film Editing & Post-Production Film Editor £30 per hour £60 per hour + VAT
Sound Editing & Post-Production Sound Editor £30 per hour £60 per hour + VAT
Media Outputs

After editing or post-production has been completed the finished product can be output to a number of media output channels and/or storage devices. The costs for these are detailed below:

Media Output Type Internal Cost External Cost
Streaming Free to users £P.O.A.
iTunes U Free to users (*Approval needed) £P.O.A.
YouTube Free to users (*Approval needed) £P.O.A.
CD/DVD £10 per copy (up to max. of 20)
*Based on an ongoing UCL Multimedia production
Digital File £P.O.A. £P.O.A.

For further enquiries please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Email: or Tel ext: 09261