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Live Webcasting

Live Webcasting is essentially the live "broadcasting" of video and audio over the Internet in real-time, very much like a TV station or radio station would broadcast live programmes or events.

This allows events that are being filmed or recorded to simultaneously be streamed live to a web page. The resulting live broadcast can then be viewed or listened to via an embedded media player in the viewer's web browser.

Research & Development

UCL Multimedia has been carrying out extensive R&D into the area of live web streaming for some time now to ascertain the feasibility of offering such a service at UCL. This has involved carrying out many tests and trials, and after those trials we are glad to say that we can now offer Live Webcasting as a new service for certain filmed UCL events and lectures.

Related Topics

Live Webcasting is inextricably linked with UCL Multimedia's filming and recording services, and the ISD Streaming service. Please visit the following section for more details...

Contact Us

For general enquiries regarding Live Webcasting, please contact UCL Multimedia using the following contact details, and a member of staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Email: or Tel ext: 09261