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Design, artworking and printing

Our team design and artwork leaflets, booklets, flyers and many other forms of literature which you may need. We charge for our services, however this is at very competitive rates compared to using external services.

Our Graphic Designers are experienced at producing output of all types in both digital and conventional print media formats. We always ensure that the UCL visual identity is taken into account as well as making you aware of issues relating to copyright, confidentiality and data protection.

On your behalf we can liaise with any of the approved UCL printers who are now on the UCL Procurement framework to obtain competitive printing quotes and we will see the job through to completion. 

If you need to promote your research, department, course or unit, or if you need to produce an information leaflet of any sort, come and talk to us and we will advise you on the most effective (and economic) way to proceed. 

If you only have an idea of what you want to achieve and are unsure how to take this forward, feel free to call us to make an initial appointment. We will then talk you through all available options to enhance those ideas.