Software for Users with Disabilities


The SEnIT Suite is provided by The Disability Centre for the use of students and the hardware and software is serviced by Information Systems who also provide the services of The Disability IT Support Analyst. Training and support in the use of assistive technology can be booked with the Disability IT Support Officer throughout the year in addition to student induction to the SEnIT Suite for new users. Further details can be obtained by contacting the Disability Centre


The Disability IT Support Analyst is available to help you with your assistive technology needs and may be contacted for advice in this regard. However, there is a more formal method of seeking support which involves Occupational Health initially assessing your needs. It may also benefit you in the long run to include your line manager from the beginning of this process as you may need to seek their support in the purchase of hardware or software, if this is recommended.

Software Demos

The following links will allow you to download or apply for demos of some of the programs that may be useful for someone with a disability. We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems relating to these downloads


Inspiration - a mind mapping package that allows you to plan and organize your work

TextHelp Read and Write - this gives you text to speech and many other useful tools to aid you in your work and studies

Audio Notetaker - helps you to make notes from digital recordings - check the dyslexia site for available products.

Visual Impairment

Click on the software on the page below and there should be an option for a demo copy for some.

Access Demos

Free Downloads

We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems relating to these downloads

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