Supporting a Dyslexic Member of Staff

How you can support a dyslexic member of staff

Given below are some ideas related to the use of IT for line managers who have a dyslexic member of staff.

General difficulty with reading and writing:

  • Highlight salient points in documents, i.e. use of highligher pen in Word.
  • Enable employee to use text to speech and speech to text software, if desired.
  • Provide documentation in Word with coloured background (best colour to be established).
  • Encourage the setting up of the computer screen with a coloured background for applications (best colour to be established).
  • Enable reinforcement of instructions and/or training by, for example, facilitating the use of a digital recorder to enable reinforcement.
  • Allow adequate time for reading, proofreading and correction of spelling and grammar errors using features within software programs.

Difficulty remembering and following verbal instructions:

  • Provide printed instructions for tasks whenever possible.
  • Outline a plan of action with adequate allowance for completion of task by using diary management such as Tasks in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Encourage use of electronic notes such as Post-its.

Organising workflow:

  • Provide mind mapping software such as Inspiration to facilitate organising ideas.

Short term memory problems especially names, numbers and lists:

  • Organise details so that they can be referred to easily using diagrams and flowcharts.

Further advice:

for line managers of dyslexic members of staff can be obtained from HR or Equal Opportunities who may already have a copy of the Code of Practice for Employers from the British Dyslexia Association. Alternatively you may wish to visit the BD (Being Dyslexic) web site for additional information regarding Adjustments in the Workplace for Employees