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Connect to WTS 2010 via a web browser

If you do not have Java installed you should automatically be re-directed to the website where it can be downloaded from. Alternatively you can visit the Java website to obtain a copy and install prior to using this service.

Staff WTS 2010
Click on the button below to connect

Default connection resolution is 1024 x 700. Or choose an alternative resolution.

Note: Please ensure that you save your work on a regular basis. WTS has an idle timeout of 4 hours, however there have been sporadic reports that some browsers have timed out sooner than this. If you leave your desk, please ensure you save your work first.

Additional information

Browser requirements
Change the WTS screen resolution
Frequently asked questions (including differences between the two versions of Staff WTS)
Set up Outlook 2010 in Staff WTS 2010 to use live@ucl
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