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Training Evaluation

We're constantly working to improve our courses. Please help us by letting us know what you thought of this course.

Responses to this questionnaire are completely anonymous. If you need to contact us in connection with your booking or attendance on this course please do not use this form as we will have no way of identifying you personally. After you complete this questionnaire a separate form will ask if you will give us an email address where we can contact you for follow-up after some time has passed.

1. First, please enter the code for the course you have just taken.

Course code:

(Your trainer will tell you the code. Please enter this carefully to ensure that we assign your feedback to the correct course)

Staff member (this means you have access to MyView)
Postgraduate research student.
Postgraduate taught degree student.
Undergraduate student.


2. I heard about this course from (please select all the options which apply)

A colleague or student
ISD Website
Information Systems Helpdesk

3. Can you suggest better ways of promoting IT training?

4.    I thought that

...the booking process was

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Unsatisfactory   Poor

...the course in general was

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Unsatisfactory   Poor

...the standard of tuition/training was

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory  Unsatisfactory   Poor

...the level of difficulty was

Much too difficult   Too difficult   About right   Too easy  Much too easy

...the pace of the course was

Much too fast   Too fast   About right   Too slow   Much too slow

...the course materials were

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory  Unsatisfactory   Poor

...the teaching environment (room) was

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory  Unsatisfactory  Poor

...the facilities and equipment were

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory  Unsatisfactory  Poor

5.    I thought that too much time was spent on

6.    I thought that too little time was spent on

7.    How could we improve?

8.    Was the course a good use of your time?

Yes  No  Don't know

If you wish to add to your answer you can use this text box:

9.    What I learned is intended to help me with:

Personal Work

10.    If you would like to elaborate on any of your responses above or you have some other comment, please use this text box:

Thank you for completing our evaluation form.

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Page last modified on 8 October 2009