Re-useable Data

Data held in IRIS is available for re-use in other applications using a number of different methods

SILVA 'external source'

For rapid deployment and ease of use a number of 'plug-ins' to the SILVA content management system are available that allow you to include staff lists for departments or research groups and individual research staff biographies.


For departments or research group websites that do not use the SILVA content management system - the project can provide 'php' extracts that can be included in your website that will provide some additional flexibility to that which is provided by the Silva feeds.  Greater control is possible over which data elements are displayed and which tabs are visible. A set of default style sheets are provided but these can be overwritten if desired - full documentation on how to incorporate this code into your website is available on request from the IRIS Project. 

RESTFUL - Web Services

For the greatest control over the display of the data use the IRIS API (accessible using 'Restful Web Services') This allows up-to-date dynamic data relating to staff profiles to be included in department and research group websites. It requires the greatest degree of web development skills of the three methods, but allows the greatest level of control.