Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited


Research for Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited

This exhibition is based on research into the responses of artists and art institutions in the UK to the invasion and occupation of Iraq conducted by Dr Alan Ingram at UCL Department of Geography.

In the course of the project Dr Ingram has interviewed a wide range of artists and curators from Britain and Iraq, studied the collections and archives of galleries and museums around the UK and examined more than sixty art works, projects and exhibitions.

As reflected in the title of the exhibition, the central focus of the project has been the way in which art and war both revolve around the experience, representation and construction of geographic space. Its main premise is that we can gain a better understanding of art and war and how they relate to each other by exploring their spatial dimensions.

The exhibition revisits the war ten years on from the 2003 invasion, but also serves as a reminder that this event is only the latest in a series of British military interventions in Iraq over the course of the last hundred years.

The project has been guided by the following main questions:

  • How have artists and art institutions responded to the war?
  • How have their responses engaged with the experience, representation and construction of geographic space?
  • What have been the implications of artistic responses for public engagement in issues of war and peace?

Further information about the project, including the artists, art works and events it has considered as well as preliminary reports in English and Arabic can be found on the project blog.