Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited


Beyond the Geographies of War: Exploring Art and Peace


Questions of geography - of space, place, home, environment, landscape and territory - are a recurring theme in the responses of artists to war. But how do they figure in the relationship between art and peace? How can we understand the role that spatial practices and spatial themes play in creating peace as well as in articulating resistance to war and violence?

This workshop will explore these questions with reference to the Iraq war but also branch out to consider the relationship between geography, art and peace more broadly. With talks by artists Rashad Selim and Emily Johns and academic Bernadette Buckley (Goldsmiths, University of London), and touching on issues of oil, water and ecology as well as politics and war, the workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on how art, activism and critical spatial practices can inform one another.

UCL Department of Geography, Wednesday 27th March 2013, 11am-4pm.

Attendance is free. RSVP to Dr Alan Ingram, UCL Department of Geography, a.ingram@ucl.ac.uk outlining your interest in the event. All are welcome, but if places are short priority will be given to nonacademic participants.