Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited


Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited

The North Lodge at UCL, 18-27 March 2013

This exhibition explores how artists with diverse practices and perspectives experienced the invasion and occupation of Iraq and how they responded to it by engaging with questions of space, place, landscape and territory.

Bringing together artists from Iraq and Britain, it shows six works that give material form to the violence, anxiety and ruin of war but which also raise questions about resistance, resilience and dreams of peace. Opening in the week of the tenth anniversary of the invasion, the exhibition presents alternative perspectives on the conflict and challenges our ways of seeing war.

Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited is curated by Dr Alan Ingram based on research conducted at UCL Department of Geography supported by a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship. The exhibition and related events are organised in conjunction with Reel Iraq 2013, a festival of Iraqi arts and culture taking place in cities across the UK, The Mosaic Rooms and Ark Space. Public engagement in the project is supported by UCL.

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