IPPR Magazine - 2013

This year, we have had the opportunity to publish our very first print magazine, bringing together the very best of an excellent range of submissions from 2012 and 2013. Our magazine is an attempt to showcase the diversity of thought within the UCL student community, and to broaden the reach of our journal publication. 

All articles are adapted from our full online journal, which is available to view here.

Printed copies are available upon request from the UCL School of Public Policy Reception. 

An online copy of the magazine can be downloaded here:

IPPR Magazine 2013 (16 MB)



A Note from the Editors page 2
Our Double Edged Sword: The Business Case for Gender Equality, by Moira Nicholson page 3
Unresolved Identity Conflicts: Barriers to Reconciliation in Rwanda, by Hilary Power page 5
Not Everything is Rotten in the State of Westminster: Three Points to Consider for UK's Constitutional Reformers, by Johannes Uhl page 9
The European Project: A Step Towards Better Global Governance, by Levi Leatherberry page 10
A Year of IPPR Events
page 11
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