@IPPR #0 - A Welcome Note

27 January 2012

A few introductory words are in order. The editorial board this year has enthusiastically decided to start this project in parallel with the International Public Policy Review. 

We will give students the opportunity to publish short (400-1000 words) original articles or commentaries on topics related to politics, international relations, development, economics, the environment, law, human rights, public policy both in the domestic and international arena.

We hope to fuel debate and publish original and interesting articles. We would also like to publish your comments on pieces that others have submitted to @IPPR. If you are interested in participating and contributing your voice, contact us and send us your article(s).Details on how to submit your work are available on this website under the submission page.

Next week we will publish our first collection on articles where we will talk about strikes in Nigeria and Romania, Sudan and its debt and the increasing US military presence in the Pacific Ocean. 

Get involved, contribute, comment.

Welcome to @IPPR.