IPPR Career Event - "Diplomacy, policy and research: pathways to working in politics"

26 March 2013

Filmed on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exclusively for SPP students, we invited three high-profile practitioners to share their experiences and answer our questions about how to pursue a career path in different areas of politics.

Our three speakers:

  • Stephen Wordsworth has had a distinguished diplomatic career, serving as British Ambassador in Serbia, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Moscow and a range of other diplomatic posts at embassies in Germany, Nigeria, NATO and at the British Presidency Secretariat at the EU, amongst others. He is currently Executive Director at the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics.
  • Ruth Lea worked as a civil servant in the Treasury, Department of Trade and Industry and the Central Statistical Office and has held a range of positions since, including Economics Editor at ITN, Head of the Policy Unit at the Institute of Directors and held director’s positions in two think-tanks; the Centre for Policy Studies and Global Vision. She continues to advise various policy-making groups (including the Conservative Party) and often appears on the panel for BBC Question Time, as well as writing for The Guardian and The Telegraph.
  • Tom Raines is Research Associate and Coordinator of the Europe Programme at Chatham House. Previously, he has worked as the Coordinator of the North America Programme at Chatham house and as an analyst at the Strategy Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
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