@IPPR #1: Strikes, public debt, Turkey and the Pacific century

1 February 2012

As promised, here's the first collection of articles and commentaries written by students from UCL and SOAS, both institutions part of the University of London. We are working hard to include students from other universities in this project, so you can expect an increase in the number of sources of articles very soon.

Thanks to the authors for sending us their articles and we hope you will enjoy reading them!

Romanian Protesters Demand Drastic Changes - Lorena Papamanci (UCL)

The military side of America’s “Pacific century”  - Luuk Nijman (UCL)

Can Turkey be a role model for its region? - Seyed Ali Alavi (SOAS)

Occupy Nigeria - Khadijah Robinson (UCL)

What happened to debt forgiveness for Sudan? A cure for bad memory - Paolo Morini (UCL)