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Romania’s grassroots fight against corruption

Saturday, 18 March 2017

written by Ioana Badea Romania’s clarion call against corruption has been clearly heard across the globe. How does one of the newer EU Member States deal with this crippling phenomenon? Some Background “Eastern-Europe” and “corruption” are two terms that, very often, go hand in hand. “European Union” and “corruption”, not so much. So what about […]

India at 70, Britain at Crossroads

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Written by Tim Falder ‘Congratulations!’ said I, beer-swilling lout that I am, ‘2017! 70 years of India!’. Ravi looked back at me stony-faced. ‘India has been around for 5000 years, Tim. It’s not a birthday, it’s our independence’. To the surprise of precisely no-one, economics rather than anything political or normative is now the primary […]

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