Centre for Sexual Health & HIV Research

The Centre was founded in 1979, as the Academic Department of Genitourinary Medicine, with the creation of the Duncan Guthrie Chair, the first in this speciality in the world.

It is based in the Mortimer Market Centre, where it shares accommodation with the largest clinic for sexual health and HIV disease in Europe. Since then, the Centre has expanded steadily and is now staffed by a multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, clinicians, statisticians and behavioural scientists examining a wide range of issues relating to sexual health and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and viral hepatitis.

The Director of the Centre is Dr Richard Gilson.

For general information about the Centre, contact Sarah Sterlini at s.sterlini@ucl.ac.uk

For Centre staff profiles, click here

For specific contact details, see the Infection & Population Health staff listing. 

Our current research includes the following studies:

National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles
aMASE: Advancing Migrant Access to health Services in Europe
Clinical and cost-effectiveness of technologies for testing and treating sexual partners of people with sexually transmitted infections: Evidence synthesis and mathematical modelling study 
MSTIC: Public health outcomes of GUM and primary care based STI services: How to maximise STI control for a local population
Targeting young men for better sexual health: The BALLSEYE programme

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