Health Psychology and Social Sciences group

The group is based at the Royal Free campus, and is led by Professor Lorraine Sherr.

The Group has an active research programme spanning interests in reproductive issues, HIV infection, suicide and HIV, bereavement, and prevention of HIV transmission. International collaborations include the ethical and legal aspects of living with HIV, policy development related to HIV testing, and other psychological and social issues related to HIV infection and AIDS.

Research Summary

The Health Psychology Unit within the Research Department of Infection and Population Health has a wide portfolio of research with a focus on HIV infection, Family, Women and Children and psychological aspects of health. Current research areas of focus are:

  • Children Community study - a project evaluating the effects of community based provision on child outcomes in Sub Saharan Africa - together with partners (Stellenbosch University, Help Age, Save the Children, Firelight Foundation, REPSSI, UNICEF, World Vision, Bernard van Leer, STOPAIDS Now, Diana Memorial Fund, Comic Relief, AIDS Alliance)
  • Palliative care and HIV -  evaluating the effect of palliative care for HIV in Kenya and South Africa (partnered with Kings College, Dr R Harding) and funded by the Diana Memorial Fund
  • Antiretroviral HIV Treatment as Prevention (ASTRA) collaboration on multidisciplinary initiative (Prof A Phillips)
  • Discrimination and HIV - psychological burden and legal redress. Also involved in ethical issues around HIV and around Children
  • Temporal dynamics of HIV transmission, impact and control in Zimbabwe collaboration with Prof Simon Gregson and team on a long term Wellcome funded initiative
  • Psychology and the family - various research studies including evaluation of the International Child Development programme (Norway and Mozambique), input on the Joint Learning Initiative on HIV and AIDS in Children (Harvard University), Steering group of the Coalition on Children affected by AIDS (Global), Care for children out of family (US Congressional committee), Paternal mood, Abandoned babies, community provision (World Bank initiative)
  • Children in the HIV Epidemic - various research areas such as studies on the most neglected children (World Vision), alternative care provision, evaluation of institutionalised care, Cash transfer initiatives, Social welfare and cash transfer (UNICEF), evaluation of PEPFAR childre's programmes (USAID), Integrated care overview (AIDStar)
  • Psychological effects of HIV,  treatment - HIV switching study, ageing, HIV and women, HIV and pregnancy, Psychological standards(British Psychological Society and BHIVA), risk behaviour (gym projectinternet (MRC project Prof J Elford Prof G Hart)
  • Women and HIV - examining needs of women, pregnancy issues, HIV testing in pregnancy

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