Databases for HIV: Integration, Collaboration and Engagement (DHICE) Project

Caroline Sabin

This is multi-agency initiative, involving the National Health Service (NHS), the Health Protection Agency (HPA), Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit (MRC CTU), academia and the patient community, to develop a UK platform for integrated clinical and research data in the HIV field.  The project involves three main activities.  Firstly, the project aims to develop existing HIV databases in the UK to enhance their quality and completeness, to ensure that all databases continue to meet good practice standards in data security, and to develop a platform for integrated data that will ultimately facilitate easier integration fo the NHS Care Record as it comes on-line.  Secondly, investigators aim to develop tools to link viral epidemiology data with surveillance data and use these to uncover the dynamics of viral spread in the UK.  Finally, our links with the HIV community aim to: identify and document patient concerns relating to database research, including the use of personal information, and to work to resolve any issues if they arise; increase the involvement of community members in study design and management (e.g. through steering committee membership etc); and raise the profile of HIV research in the community.  

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