Clinical Trials

Andrew Phillips, Fiona Lampe, Caroline Sabin, Amanda Mocroft, Colette Smith

INSIGHT - International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials. Through our major ongoing collaboration with the Copenhagen HIV Programme (CHIP), we play an active role in design, monitoring and analysis of trials in the INSIGHT network. Trials include SMART, ESPRIT and the new trial of early initiation of ART in patients with CD4 counts >500 cells/mm3 (START). Such trials also lead to important nested analyses based on stored plasma to help to understand factors associated with the major clinical endpoints which are features of INSIGHT trials.
CHIP - We also provide statistical support to other trials performed by CHIP. This has included the MaxCmin trials and Colate.
NEAT - Network of European AIDS Trials. We provide statistical input into design of trials in this major EU-funded network. This includes direct input into design and analysis of observation data to provide the background epidemiology to help to assess the future need for trials.

In addition, members of the unit act as consultants on a number of trials led by other research groups in the UK and pharmaceutical-sponsored trials. 

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