I-STRAT trial: Do Isolation Strategies reduce endemic levels of MRSA and Clostridium difficile associated diarrhoea?

This is an MRC-funded trial of one or more isolation strategies, examining their effect on CDAD as well as MRSA, in settings where these infections are common, and where other infection control practice is maximal.

To do this we will scope interest from acute NHS Trusts, identify the barriers to different interventions at institutional, ward and Health care worker levels, seek ways of addressing these, establish Trusts’ preferred intervention(s) and target population(s), explore ethical issues with patient groups, carry out an exploratory trial to establish a pragmatic intervention.

We will do this through a combination of -
(i) nationwide consultation through questionnaire
(ii) site visits to 20-30 interested Trusts
(iii) national focus meeting involving patient groups & trusts to gain consensus on target population, trial and control interventions. 
(iv) Pilot trial in four hospitals. 
(v) National focus meeting agreeing definitive trial & design.

Sheldon Stone (UCL Medical School) is the principal investigator. The study team also includes Chris Fuller and Ellen Fragaszy. 

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