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Our challenge

To raise £1,000 over the academic year 2013/14 for CHEP, to give medical assistance to 25 children in Limuru for 10 years.

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The cause

Over the next year, IPAS is going to be raising money for the Children’s Health Project (CHEP), an incredible project under the Wonder Foundation. This project targets families in Kenya, in the rural area of Limuru. It is for families who may be living on less than £1 a day, unable to pay the medical costs to keep their child healthy, let alone enough to prevent malnutrition and other basic needs to keep their child alive. This programme will provide essential health care for these children and their families in a sustainable and wide ranging project. Many of us at the School of Public Policy are studying international development or international issues, and we feel strongly that support for projects like this are essential to help alleviate some of the extreme inequalities in the world, and at least go some way to addressing the most fundamental human right: the right to live. With the wealth we see in the world today no one should be suffering from malnutrition or a lack of basic health care. To learn more about the project please see the Wonder Foundation’s web pages:

Throughout the year, the IPAS committee will be encouraging all our fellow masters’ students at the School of Public Policy, who are all members of the IPAS Society, to give a small amount of their precious study time in order to raise money for this fantastic cause. This could be through getting sponsorship for a 10km run, getting involved with our events, auctioning an item on ebay and giving the proceeds, or any of the wide range of activities we will be helping to organise this year. If we can raise £1,000 by the time we give in our dissertations on the 1st September, this would be enough to give 25 children in Kenya 10 years of medical assistance. Please help us to reach our target and give what you can to this great cause.


Danielle Fisher

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