Tea with the Ambassador Series Feb-2011

15 February 2011

The International & Public Affairs Society is proud to announce the inaugural session of the "Tea with the Ambassador" series. Designed to allow students the opportunity to sit down and discuss important issues with diplomats, the sessions will be strictly size-limited. Our first guest will be His Excellency Eduardo Medina Mora, Mexican Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The talk will take place on Friday, 25 February at 10am, and the topic will be "Security, Migration, and the Justice System in Mexico". In order to keep the sessions small, personal, and focussed, numbers will be capped.

To register your interest, please email Mauricio Mora, at juan.trevino.10@ucl.ac.uk with a short paragraph describing why you'd like to attend / a question you'd like to ask. If selected, you will be contacted with further details.


25/02/11: Ambassador Medina Mora

Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza has built a distinguished career in the public and private sector. Among the positions he has occupied in the federal government are Attorney General (2006-2009); in this capacity he served as a Member of the Public Security Cabinet and of the National Security Council; Secretary of State for Public Security (2005-2006) and Director General of the Centre for Investigation and National Security (CISEN: Mexican Civil Intelligence Agency) from 2000 to 2005.

As a Government Official he has had important responsibilities in international fora and negotiations, including Chief Negotiator for the “Alliance for Prosperity and Security in North America” in the field of Security (2004-2005); Chief Negotiator for the Border Security Agreement Mexico-US in 2002; Member of the High Level Group on Border Security Mexico/Guatemala and Mexico/Belize; Member of Mexican Delegations to Security Bilateral meetings: México/USA; México/Canada; México/Colombia and México/Guatemala.

In the private sector he was Corporate Director of Strategic Planning and Deputy Director General of DESC Group (1991-2000), which is a large Mexican conglomerate in the fields of auto parts, petrochemicals and agribusiness and he coordinated the legal advisory group to the Mexican Government during the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations.
He has lectured at conferences and international seminars in Mexico, Latin America and Europe on the subjects of trade and development, national security, terrorism, public security, organized crime and human rights. He is co-author of the book “Legitimate Use of Force” edited by the National Institute of Criminal and Forensic Studies (2008).

He is the author of the book “Fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zone”, edited by the Ministry of Fisheries in 1989. He is member of the Mexican Barrister Association and of the American Bar Association.


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