IPAS PhD Talk on "Scientific evidence in pharmaceutical coverage decisions: A cure for health care challenges?" 

11 March 2012


MONDAY --- MARCH 19 --- 18:00 --- SPP COUNCIL ROOM

This presentation by PhD student Katharina Kieslich (SPP) aims to provide an overview of a policy instrument that has become increasingly popular with health care policy-makers worldwide, namely health technology assessment (HTA). A short introduction to the processes and forms of HTAs will be followed by a discussion on whether or not HTA can provide a remedy for some of the challenges facing the majority of health care systems.  

The presentation will be practical in its approach, offering starting points for how a researcher/policy expert might go about advising government agencies and policy-makers in this specific field; this will be underlined by examples taken from the British and German HTA systems. In this sense the presentation aims to provide the audience with an idea of how knowledge and research can be applied to the 'real world' in the area of health policy.

Your IPAS Team!

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