International and Public Affairs Society


About Us and the Committee

Majid Arslan

Majid Arslan


Hi there! My name is Majid and I’m from Lebanon. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in International Public Policy and I’ve always been interested in international affairs. 

My vision for IPAS is simple: Think big and act beyond UCL’s gates! So next to intensifying our social and fundraising events, I’d like us to increase our cooperation with other institutions and societies within and outside of UCL so as to expand our network and maximise our level of involvement. I look forward to serving our great community in conjunction with our exceptionally talented committee members.

email: majid.arslan.16@ucl.ac.uk

Alexander Godinez-Robinson

Alexander Godinez

Vice-President and Treasurer 

Hello! I’m Alexander, from sunny California, studying an MSc International Public Policy. 

I joined IPAS to provide a welcoming and fun environment for everyone in SPP and to ensure all members are empowered to step out of their comfort zones.  My aim is to create a platform for engagement beyond classes and study groups, and even UCL — to engage with students from other universities in London, as well, so we can discuss the important issues that are impacting the world and work to address them. 

I look forward to getting to know everyone as we embark on this journey together.

email: alexander.godinez-robinson.16@ucl.ac.uk


Aqiyla Watson

Head of Events

Hi I’m Aqiyla, I am from London and I’m in the Democracy and Comparative Politics programme. 

I joined IPAS as I want to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as get involved in organising events to help bring the students of the School of Public Policy (SPP) together. I hope to organise gatherings that will appeal to everyone and introduce people to the many events happening around London. Most of all, I want to help generate a sense of community in SPP across all courses through creating a platform for people to meet and socialise.

email: aqiyla.watson.16@ucl.ac.uk


Nicholas Wong

Deputy Head of Events

Hi! I'm Nick, from Malaysia, and I'm on the MSc International Public Policy course. 

I'm not the most naturally sociable person, so the work that IPAS does is great for people like me. I've joined the Events team to hopefully chip into an organisation of fun, tireless and all-around great people! And of course, to meet and chat politics with fellow SPP students.

Email: nicholas.wong.16@ucl.ac.uk

Edmee Vaudremer

Edmee Vaudremer

Head of Fundraising 

Born in the U.S. and raised in France, I studied Liberal Arts at King's College London, majoring in Politics and minoring in Philosophy.

An MSc Security Studies student at UCL, I want to get as much out of this year as possible, working for the Public Policy community so that students feel they belong and are united.

Throughout a large part of my undergrad, I was a Fundraising & Communications volunteer at the Prisoner's Advice Service. Fundraising for IPAS is just as challenging but I love our get-togethers: a great opportunity to vent about all that's wrong with politics!

email: edmee.vaudremer.16@ucl.ac.uk

Tone Langengen

Tone Langengen

Communications Officer

My name is Tone and I am from Oslo, Norway. I have chosen to do my MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics.

I believe that creating a sense of community among students is important, and IPAS is an excellent way through which everyone at the School of Public Policy (SPP) can meet great people, have fun and learn from each other. As Communications Officer I hope to advertise IPAS as much as I can, and through that, create as much engagement as possible. I hope we will be able to involve most SPP students throughout the year, and make sure that we all have the greatest time here at UCL!   

email: tone.langengen.16@ucl.ac.uk

Iva Gergova

Iva Gergova

Deputy Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Iva and I come from Bulgaria. I am a first year undergrad in the PPE program.

IPAS for me is a great opportunity to engage in the life of the School of Public Policy (SPP) and to become an active part of it. I think that being a Deputy Communications Officer is an ideal way to come into contact and communicate with such a variety of different people in SPP. It will also give me a sense of belonging to the community. I will do my best to support the work of the communications team and the committee as a whole.

email: iva.gergova.16@ucl.ac.uk

Cristina Stavila

Cristina Stavila

External Relations Officer

Hey! I'm Cristina from Moldova and I'm currently pursuing an MSc in European Public Policy. 

I joined IPAS in order to engage with the Political Science Department and all the wonderful people in it. As External Relations Officer, I’d like to take the opportunity to apply the marketing knowledge I acquired during my undergrad. I'm also excited to work closely with other universities and institutions so as to publicise IPAS and expand our partnerships as much as I can.

email: cristina.stavila.16@ucl.ac.uk