About Us

Drew Schiff
Irene Kwok
Drew Schiff



I am currently studying the MSc in Global Governance and Ethics. I have Hungarian and German backgrounds, but I am also a British citizen. My main objectives as President are to help like-minded people connect and to be part of something constructive through the society's charitable collaborations. I endeavour to make IPAS a democratic forum so if anyone from SPP has any ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Irene Kwok



I am currently studying the MSc in International Public Policy. Originally from Hong Kong, I have also lived in Guangzhou and London. As treasurer, I hope to maximise our budget to allow the Events Team to organise as many fun and exciting social events as feasible! Moreover, I aim to keep IPAS' financial record as clear and transparent as possible, so if you have any queries feel free to approach me.

  Laura Goudkamp Philippe
Tain Duncan

Head of Fundraising


Laura Goudkamp

Head of Events


Originally from Munich, Germany, I crossed over to the British island to study M.Sc. European Public Policy at UCL. When I came across with IPAS, I was immediately convinced by the society’s aim: An agora for like-minded people who are interested in politics and current affairs. I am looking forward to meeting many of you at our upcoming events – the more the merrier!

Philippe Beck

Head of Marketing and Communications


I am currently on the Global Governance and Ethics program. Beyond my passion for international relations, European and current affairs broadly speaking, I developed a strong interest in communication and information technologies and their use in our changing societies. Combined with managerial skills, this is what I apply and develop at IPAS.

Ashley Ma Lin Lin Lu Hugo So
Ashley Ma

Fundraising Officer


My Chinese name is Yingqi Ma, and my friends call me Ashley. I am from Nanjing, China and finished my BA  at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. I am currently doing MSc International Public Policy in UCL. As a member of the IPAS fundraising team, I am very excited to see what big difference we can make this year. 

Lin Lin Lu

Events Officer


Originally from China, I am currently studying the MSc Public Policy Program. My BA was in International Relations at the Beijing Foreign Studies University. My objective to participate in IPAS is to face the challenges, meet new friends and make a difference for her life at UCL. I am looking forward to social events this year.

Hugo So

Sub-head of Marketing and Communications


I am currently studying the MSc in Public Policy. I am from Hong Kong but have also studied in Singapore. As part of the marketing team, I aim to raise the awareness of IPAS within the department. I am currently in charge of the IPAS website, so if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to contact me.

Sophie Janssen Simon Leuschner Elinor
Sophie Janssen

Fundraising Officer


I was born in the Netherlands. Currently, I am pursuing an MSc in European Public Policy. I am a member of the fundraising team and very excited to support the Wonder Foundation through the different fundraising events that the fundraising team is going to organise.

Simon Leuschner

Events Officer


For me, university live is more than just lecture, seminars, readings and essays. University is always a great opportunity to engage socially and to meet new people. IPAS is a great way in doing so. It is our student committee and it holds great opportunities to organize social events in an easy going formal as well as informal atmosphere. I am a student of Democracy and Comparative Politics.

Elinor Nissbrant

Marketing and Communications Officer


I am currently studying my Msc in Global Governance and Ethics. I am involved in the updating of social media platforms and crafting of emails and invitations. Prior to studying at UCL, I have studied Business Management and developed a strong interest for corporate social responsibility especially in regards to the environment and sustainable development.

Aiko Jin Lee  
Aiko Kikuchi

Fundraising Officer


I am from Japan. I am currently studying the MSc in European Public Policy. Although it is my first time to participate in activities such as charities, I would like to raise awareness about current social problems and contribute to improve the situations by joining IPAS.

Jin Lee

Marketing and Communications Officer


I am from San Diego, California and am currently studying the MSc in Public Policy degree. I am looking forward to keeping fellow SPP students informed about all the events and activities provided by the society. I hope that this society's various events will build friendships within the department!


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