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Many types of glaucoma run in families and there is good evidence to suggest a strong genetic component to this. Although some genes have been found in families with glaucoma, a great deal of the genetic basis of glaucoma remains unexplained. We are working together with colleagues at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust and in the wider clinical research community to find these genes. We are one of the two laboratories providing support for EGS GlaucoGENE, a large scale pan-European genetic epidemiology research network.

Elucidation of the genetic basis of the common glaucomas will allow for better risk stratification so that appropriate treatment may be targeted toward those who need it. Treatment will be further refined by increasing knowledge of pharmacogenomics. Ultimately, gene therapy holds the promise of treatment for the root pathology of these conditions, rather than the indirect treatment modalities we have at present.

IO researchers working in this area:

Professor Shomi Bhattacharya
Dr Paul Foster
Mr D Garway-Heath
Dr Ananth Viswanathan

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