Seminar series

We host regular seminars delivered by leading scientists and clinicians from throughout the world.

The programme of talks aims to reflect our broad interests in translational medicine, to foster discussion and to facilitate an exchange of ideas.

Please note: Lectures and seminars are open to UCL and Moorfields NHS Trust staff. 

Genetics & Molecular therapy seminar series 2011/12

14th November 2012
Prof. Bernd Wissinger
University of Tubingen
The molecular genetic basis of hereditary cone photoreceptor disorders

18th April 2012 
Hildegard Buning 
University of Cologne 
Tailoring adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy and tissue engineering

26th March 2012
Irene Gottlob 
University of Leicester 
New developments in nystagmus

5th March 2012
Bev Davidson 
University of Iowa
Emerging therapies for the brain

8th February 2012
Pierre Vanderhaeghen 
University of Brussels 
From pluripotent stem cells to cortical networks  

16th November 2011 - Double seminar
New lessons about the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCL) and prospects for therapy:
Sara Mole , UCL Institute of Child Health 
Genetics of NCL, juvenile CLN3 disease, and yeast 
Jon Cooper, Kings College London
Pathogenesis of NCL and mice

5th October 2011
Ian Jackson 
MRC Human Genetics Unit 
Genetic and genomic resources and mouse models of human disease

21st September 2011 - 4.30pm
Marisol Corral-Debrinski 
Institut de la Vision, Paris 
Gene therapy for mitochondrial impairment and the hope of preventing visual function loss in an array of ocular diseases 

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