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Evaluation of Devices and Rehabilitation Strategies

A key aspect of the rehabilitation of people with visual impairment is the prescription of low vision devices such as magnifiers and telescopes. We have an interest in determining the efficacy of such devices, with particular reference to newer "high-tech" low vision aids such as head mounted electronic magnifiers.

We are also in the early stages of evaluating emerging low vision devices, such as surgically implanted telescopes for macular degeneration and retinal prostheses for people with retinitis pigmentosa.

Together with the low vision clinic at Moorfields Eye Hospital, we are interested in determining the optimum method of delivering low vision care to people with reduced vision. We have a particular interest in determining the value of low vision training strategies such as eccentric viewing (using the healthy peripheral retina in place of the damaged central retina) for those with macular degeneration.

Researchers working in this area:
Professor Gary Rubin
Mr Adnan Tufail
Mr Mark Williams

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