Contact Details

Lab Address:

Child Vision Lab
2nd Floor, Richard Desmond Children's Eye Hospital
2 Peerless Street
London, EC1V 9EZ
United Kingdom


Postal Address:

Child Vision Lab
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
11-43 Bath Street
London, EC1V 9EL
United Kingdom

020 7608 6819

ioo-cvl AT ucl.ac.uk


At the Child Vision Lab we are interested in understanding how infants and young children develop their ability to see. To find out more about our research and how you can help please click on the links to the left.

We are based at the Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre, the largest centre in the world dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases in children.

The Centre, along with Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London's Institute of Ophthalmology, aims to further the understanding of how to cure currently incurable eye conditions as well as furthering the understanding of how healthy vision develops.

Please explore our site to find out more about the lab and the research we carry out. If you're interested in volunteering your child to take part in some of the fun research we run at the Child Vision Lab please see our volunteering page.

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