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About the Institute of Ophthalmology

UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Our mission is:

  • The delivery of world-leading fundamental, translational (applied) and clinical research that informs understanding of vision and eye disease as well as other related conditions.
  • To harness understanding of disease to generate new diagnostics and therapeutics for patient benefit.
  • To be a global leader in education in eye care and eye and vision research.

More about the Institute of Ophthalmology:

At the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology we conduct cutting-edge science, attracting research workers of the highest international caliber. The most recent national Research Excellence Framework has once more confirmed that we have the strongest Clinical Medicine research of any British university. Independent auditors have shown that our partnership with Moorfield's Eye Hospital is the most productive in the world.

The researcher of tomorrow is critical to our goal of improving sight. To this end, we are involved in graduate education (MSc, MD, MPhil, PhD). Our courses build on our fantastic clinical and industrial links helping our students to build their careers.

To explore the exciting work being conducted here at the Institute we invite you to visit the Departments section of this site and consider joining us on one of our graduate courses.


Our Achievements

From Bench to Bedside - Our achievements in fundamental and clinical science



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Equality and Diversity

Equality, diversity and careers

We are committed to achieving equality and diversity across the Institute and provide resources to help you progress your career.


Support our research

Support the research at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Eye donors also play an invaluable role in the development of new medicines and treatments for a variety of diseases and disorders. If you are interested in becoming an eye donor, please visit the Eye Bank at Moorfields Eye Hospital's website. 

Resources and Services

Resources and services

We strive to provide the ideal environment for staff and students by funding a number of valuable resources.

Patient and public engagement at the Institute of OPhthalmology

Patient and public engagement

We are dedicated to increasing public and patient engagement activities at the Institute and can provide the necessary tools to help researchers organise an engagement event.