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Wound Healing

In the eye, many of the major blinding disorders (including age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, corneal infection, proliferative vitreoretinopathy and diabetes) are complicated by wound-healing processes that are often beneficial in other parts of the body. IO research has pioneered treatments that inhibit scarring in the eye and have led to major changes in clinical practise. We are also probing mechanisms of new blood vessel formation in a wide variety of disorders including the rare but potentially very informative condition macular telangectasia.

A further complication with ‘natural’ wound healing is that often the key functional cells of a tissue are not replaced. We have several programmes investigating how stem cells may be used for restorative wound healing. We are looking at corneal stem cells as well as those that may be used in retinal disease.

IO researchers working in this area:
Professor Robin Ali
Dr Maryse Bailly
Professor Pete Coffey
Dr Julie Daniels
Dr Marcus Fruttiger
Professor John Greenwood
Professor Peng Khaw
Dr Imre Lengyel
Dr Astrid Limb
Professor Steven Moss
Dr Christiana Ruhrberg

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