As part of University College London we enjoy the resources of one of the UK's finest universities. More information about life as a graduate student at UCL can be found on the following pages.

UCL Graduate Prospectus

For International Students

The UCL Student Union

As a student of the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, your programme of research will be overseen by a Principal Supervisor with collaboration from a Subsidiary Supervisor. Your progress will be monitored annually by a Graduate Tutor. You will be invited to join a Staff/Student Consultative Committee. Regular development seminars and training sessions will be organised by the student body itself and you will be encouraged to take part. You will be welcome to attend diverse weekly seminars organised by academic staff at the Institute. You will have access to the UCL Graduate School's ongoing skills development programme. In short, your graduate research career will have the very best of starts! For more information about graduate research study at UCL, please see the Graduate School web link,
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