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Retinitis Pigmentosa

The term retinitis pigmentosa covers a wide range of disorders characterised by the progressive death of photoreceptors. Many variants of RP affect the young. We have discovered many of the genetic abnormalities underlying different forms of RP and this knowledge is informing our world-leading gene therapy programme. We are also using knowledge derived from understanding the functions of the proteins that cause RP when they are mutated, to learn how rods and cones work and develop potential drug therapy for RP. In addition, imaging and psychophysical testing in patients is being undertaken to understand the disease progress of RP and its effect on the retina.

IO researchers working in this area:

Professor Robin Ali
Dr James Bainbridge
Professor Shomi Bhattacharya
Prof Alan Bird
Professor Mike Cheetham
Professor Fred Fitzke
Dr Clare Futter
Dr Alison Hardcastle
Professor David Hunt
Professor Tony Moore
Prof Jose Sahel
Dr Andrew Webster

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