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Difficulty in reading is the most frequent complaint of people with visual impairment attending low vision clinics. Whilst sensory substitution techniques such as talking books or braille can enable access to some forms of print, only limited information is available in these formats.

Our research centres on how text can be presented to maximise its legibility for people with visual impairment. Parameters such as text font, letter size and spacing can be easily modified, and we are interested in the effect of these manipulations on reading speed and comprehension. We also have an interest in dynamic forms of text presentation such as rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) whereby one word of a sentence is presented at a time in the same location, reducing the need for eye movements.

In collaboration with colleagues at Moorfields Eye Hospital, a further aspect of our work is to determine the effect of low vision rehabilitation and training on reading ability.

Researchers working in this area:

Dr Steven Dakin
Professor Gary Rubin

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